An army grunt is telling a story

An army grunt is telling a story about finding a scorpion in his tent…

A marine, an army grunt, and an airman are having a beer and the army grunt is telling this story about how one time he found a scorpion in his tent.

Marine asks “what’d you do?”, and the grunt says he crushed it with his boot and flung it out the flap.

The marine laughs and says “what a sissy”. The grunt askes “well what would you do then?”

Marine replies “when a scorpion gets in my tent I usually cut off it’s tail while it’s still alive, keep it as a pet for a few days,

might prank my senior officer with it, then eventually I cook it and eat it”.

The grunt feels a little embarrassed, then shifts focus to the airman and asks “what would you do?”

The airman says “I’d call the front desk and ask them why there’s a tent in my room”