An American family has grandparents who live in Russia

An American family has grandparents who live in Russia.

Every month, the grandparents send a package of powder to the American family.
The package always says:

“Just add water.
Every time the family does this the powder turns into a delicious soup.

The soups are always different and the family is always excited to find out which new foreign flavor they get to try out.

One day, the family receives a package in the mail containing some gray powder.

Assuming that this is another soup, the family dumps it into a pot and adds some water.

However, unlike all the other soups, this one t astes grainy and disgusting.
The family still eats it though just to be polite.

A week later, a letter from the grandpa comes in the mail saying:

“Grandma Taya has died and I have sent the ashes to you.

She wants to be scattered in America as that is her favorite place.”