Ollie was trying to sell his car

Ollie was trying to sell his car. He was having a lot of problems selling it because the car had 250,000 miles on it.

One day, he told his problem to his friend Sven who worked at the gas station. Sven told him, “Ollie, der’s a way ta make selling da car easier, but it ain’t legal.”

“Dat don’t matter,” replied Ollie, “If I can sell da car, dat’s ok.”

“Okay,” said Sven. “Here’s da address of a frienda mine. He owns a car repair shop. Tell em I sent you and he vill turn da counter in yer car back ta 50,000 miles.

Den it von’t be a problem ta sell yer car anymore.”

The following weekend, Ollie made the trip to the mechanic.

About one month after that, Sven asked Ollie, “Vell, Ollie, did ya sell yer car?”

“No,” replied Ole, “Vy should I sell it, ya dummy? Now it only has 50,000 miles on it.”