In the supermarket

“Please call the store manager!” The customer’s voice did not bode well. Sighing, the trainee went in search of his boss. Finally he had found him in the labyrinth of the supermarket. He was having an important conversation and was not thrilled with the interruption, but the apprentice said, “Come on, it’ll make you mess.”

“What is it about?”, Asked the store manager the customer. With a wide sweep of her arm, she gestured indignantly to a shelf in the confectionery department: “Today is the 10th of August -“

“Yes, yes, I know,” interrupted the head impatiently, “but the gingerbread factories deliver so early.”

“Let me finish -“

“There’s nothing left to talk about! The goods are already delivered and already gladly bought. If we did not offer it, it would do the competition. So, and now I have to go back – “

“Before that, listen to me now! I really do not care about the gingerbread. But in between there are still two chocolate easter bunnies, and their expiration date has expired !!! “