A guy goes into an antique shop

A guy goes into an antique shop.
He’s browsing around the shop and comes across a brass rat.

He picks up the rat and is looking at it when the shop owner approaches him.
He asks the owner how much the Brass Rat is.

The shop owner says $20 For the rat and $10 for the story behind it.
The customers say I don’t need to know the story but I’ll buy the rat.

So he pays for the rat and leaves the shop.

After about 50 yards he hears a Wierd noise behind him and so looks around.
There’s a bunch of rats following him so he picks up the pace a walks faster but the noise gets louder.

He glances behind and there are hundreds of rats following him so he starts to run.

Still, the noise gets louder and there are thousands of rats chasing him.

He comes to a bridge over the river and thinks the rats are chasing him because of the Brass Rat, he has so he throws the rat as far as he can into the river.

All the rats that were chasing him then all jump into the river and drown.
The guy thinks for a while and then walks back to the shop.

As he enters the shop the owner who saw him coming said I bet you came back for the story behind the Brass Rat did you?

The customer says no I didn’t.
Have you got a brass Nigger?