Set up corridor: 5 mistakes you should avoid.

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You only have one chance to make a good first impression. In the apartment, this first impression is usually conveyed from the hallway and not from the living room. But usually our focus is to make our living room appealing, as it is an expression of our personality and we host our guests here. The living room, we often go out of our way to make sure it does not look like this one.

1.) More light

Mostly the hallway is generally rather small and narrow. Since he almost never has his own window, the lack of brightness usually reinforces the impression of tightness. To counteract this, sufficient light in the form of wall or ceiling lights should be provided in the corridor to create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Even a large mirror can reflect the daylight and make the hall look bigger. For example, hang the mirror opposite a door.

2.) wall color

A bright and inviting atmosphere is created not only by the lighting or incidental light, but also by the color of the wall. Accordingly, you should opt for bright shades to make the hall look larger. If plain white is too boring for you, choose cream or pastel shades instead.

With these colors, for example, you could just paint the bottom half of the wall. If you have a large, sprawling corridor, you may also consider painting a wall in a rather dark color.

3.) floor

Similar to the lighting and wall paint, the floor also has a dark hue that narrows the hallway, whereas a light hue visually enlarges the space. The material of the flooring plays no role here.

However, if you decide on carpet, keep in mind that it is heavily used in the entrance area and gets dirty quickly when you walk on street shoes.

4.) decoration

The hallway does not just have to be considered as a purely functional room, where you put on and take off your shoes and hang up your jacket. Even in the corridor, carefully selected decorative pieces can enhance the ambience. Since the hallway is usually smaller than the living room or bedroom, already little decoration is sufficient to achieve the desired effect.

For example, hang up pictures for which you have no room on the living room wall. Or even put a bookcase in the hall to relieve the living room.

5.) Too much furniture

However, if you choose to put furniture in the hallway from the living room, you should make sure that the furniture is not too big and too bulky for the small corridor.

Rather rely on narrow furniture that does not extend too far into the room and with which you can also fill corners and niches, such as built-in shelves or roll containers

Alone the brightness already makes a lot of how the space affects us. Just let your imagination play and see what you can get out of the hallway with the help of these tips.

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