Neat 8 clever ideas for more order at home.

Order is probably half the life because it takes so much time to clean up. Disorder just goes faster. But with these 8 great tips it’s a breeze to keep things organized

1 Arrange the cable salad under the desk

Let’s start with the cable salad under the desk. Just put a basket under the table to put in the socket and all the cables. So you no longer have to bother with an impenetrable cable ball at your feet. Of course, depending on the thickness of the table top, the basket can be mounted in a different way than with screw hooks. And instead of sawing a hole in the table top, you can of course route the cables around the plate into the basket.

2 Make carpets non-slip

To prevent your carpets or bathroom mats from slipping constantly, you can fix them on the floor with the help of a Velcro fastener .

3 Always have the remote control ready to hand

Velcro can also help you keep your remote controls handy. Just stick two small strips to the remote control and to the table.

4 Do not exchange cables anymore

So that you know immediately who owns which cable or which cable leads to which device, you can mark the cable ends with small, colored plastic rings . Cut the rings on the side and put them on the cables.

5 Create order in the store room

To stow your ironing board properly, hang it on two large hooks that you attach to the wall.

6 Deposit bags and umbrellas

Thanks to the s-shaped hook, you can hang not only jackets, but also bags or umbrellas.

7 Give decoration stability

For example, if you want to set up branches for decorative purposes, use mounting foam to hold them up in a flower pot.

8 Secure larger objects with rubber bands

If you have items that are difficult to place on the shelf, you can use rubber bands to hold them in check. If possible, tie them directly to the shelf, or attach small nails, screws, or hooks to tie the straps to it.

With these simple tricks, the disorder should be tamed and no longer pose a problem. Try it out now!