Apartment and windows clean – with these 5 home remedies

The gifts can be ordered online, even the Christmas tree can be delivered directly to the living room. Opportunity enough to raise your legs and let the holidays be relaxed. If it were not for the large cleaning, so that really everything is sparkling, when the Christ child rings at the front door. However, researchers have found that many detergents are as harmful to health as cigarettes. If you regularly work with the colorful special cleaners from the drugstore, after a few years, a lungs like a chain smoker.

Fortunately, there are 5 products that almost everyone has at home and with which the chemical bombs from the drugstore can be perfectly replaced: vinegar, baking soda, citric acid, spirit and Spüli. This way, the Christmas plaster can be mastered effortlessly and health-friendly.

Apartment and windows clean - with these 5 home remedies

The bath

In the bathroom one has above all an opponent: lime. Citric acid is a very suitable decalcifier because it does not attack silicone joints. For a general-purpose bath cleaner, mix citric acid, water and rinse in a spray bottle. Before you froth the tiles in the shower, you rinse them off with water. After a short exposure time, rinse the bathroom cleaner with water again. To make the fixtures shine, polish them with a cotton cloth.

Even in the toilet, the real enemy is lime. Because it reacts with urine to persistent urine stone. Put vinegar in the siphon and let it rest overnight. Even more powerful act homemade toilet cleaner tabs of baking soda, citric acid powder and a splash of water.

Apartment and windows clean - with these 5 home remedies

The corridor

Especially in autumn and winter, the hall is heavily used when dripping wet boots pass over him. Every floor covering has its pitfalls. Stone tiles are more resistant to scratches, but dirt easily gets stuck in the joints, and natural stone is acid-sensitive. Dish soap can help with stains, but only dilute with water so that no film forms in the pores of the stone. Yellowed joints are treated with a toothbrush and a slurry of baking soda and water.

For wooden floors, the broom should always be used first before the vacuum cleaner approaches. Otherwise there will be scratches. Annoying stains are removed with alcohol, which is wiped dry after a few minutes. Then seal with the usual care product. Incidentally, black lines of shoe soles can simply be erased away; Over light dents in the parquet you put a damp cloth and iron it out.

Apartment and windows clean - with these 5 home remedies

The textiles

Grizzled upholstery and carpets are refreshed with baking soda. Sprinkle the sodium bicarbonate, as the main ingredient of baking powder scientifically called, on the affected textiles and leave it overnight. Then you vacuum the baking soda. If the pad is spotty, use a soft sponge and hot water to work the baking soda. As a replacement for carpet cleaners you can also use normal washing powder.

Apartment and windows clean - with these 5 home remedies

The kitchen

In the kitchen, greasy vapors are unavoidable. Upper cabinets are therefore best covered with baking paper as a precaution. You just have to replace it and save yourself scrubbing. Oily lubricating films are rubbed in with a pure detergent and removed after a few minutes using tear-resistant kitchen paper. Even more effective, but unsuitable for painted surfaces, is alcohol .

Apartment and windows clean - with these 5 home remedies

The windows

Cleaning windows is one of the most unpopular household tasks. The dirt is usually not so tight here. The problem is that you can see every streak left by the cleaning agent. So what it takes is, on the one hand, a streak-free glass cleaner and, on the other hand, the right technology. Especially with the Christmas cleaning, you should only clean the windows, if outside no minus degrees prevail. First clean the frame and seals clean. Now you fill a bucket with warm water and add a few drops of detergent and alcohol. Use a sponge to wipe the window and immediately pull the dirty water from top to bottom. Remaining streaks and water residues in the corners you rub off with a chamois leather.

Apartment and windows clean - with these 5 home remedies

When cleaning, nobody should ruin his health. The choice of cleaning agents is the first step. If you also save money and relieve the burden on the environment, then it pays off to use the tried-and-tested home remedies all the more. Not just at Christmas time.