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7 practical tricks to clean your house.

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Cleaning is certainly not one of the most popular activities, but is unfortunately essential. You can do a lot wrong and unnecessarily make more work.
Most people clean from room to room, so do a so-called “zone cleaning”. So they usually spend too much time in one room and forget about the next task or just lose the pleasure, because it has taken so long.

1.) Dusting

Take every room in your house or apartment and dust off all the furniture, shelves, picture frames and TV screens. If you have more than one floor, you should start in the upper rooms and work your way down. Also pay attention to the undersides of the furniture and the ceiling. To remove fingerprints, take a damp cloth with you, so you can get away easily.

2.) Clean furniture

Then walk through your entire house or apartment, make all the beds, and make sure your sheets, couch, or other fabric-covered furniture has stains and dirt. If necessary, replace or clean sheets and covers with special products suitable for stain removal on upholstery. As a natural stain remover, you can also put soda on a damp cloth and treat it with stain.

3.) Clean mirrors and windows

Now clean all mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces, such as a glass coffee table, first with a damp and then a dry microfiber cloth. So you prevent streaks and everything is crystal clear clean.

4.) Surface cleaning

Next, wipe all the surfaces in your apartment and disinfect them as well, if you like. Pay particular attention to areas such as light switches, door handles, telephones and remote controls, as bacteria often accumulate there.

5.) plasters kitchen and bathroom

Now take special cleaners and spray all surfaces in the kitchen and in the bathroom. The most important are, of course, sink, shower, bath and toilet. When you’re done, you can scrub everything off one by one.
In the kitchen, you should also pay attention to also wipe the inside of the microwave, the stove and the cabinet doors.

6.) Clean floors

Now it’s the turn of the floors. The motto is: first sweep, then wipe. Start with the bathroom and then go through the kitchen in all other rooms. In the bathroom you often get better at all places, if you work on all fours. So you can be sure that also the area behind the toilet gets clean.

7.) Vacuuming

The last point is the vacuuming. Start here, as with the dusting also, again in the upper floor, if available, and work your way down. A small professional tip are backpack vacuum cleaners. They protect the back and you get faster from room to room.

One last tip from the professional: Work from top to bottom and from left to right. If you pay attention to the right cleaning aid in all your work and follow these 7 tricks, cleaning is easy and you can quickly devote yourself to more pleasant tasks.

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