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6 helpful tricks for everyday life and household.

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Everyone knows them, the little daily troubles in household and everyday life. Not infrequently, it’s about mastering the chaos in the apartment. Sometimes it’s just things that annoy us in everyday life, but their solution to us our laziness in the way. But these life hacks can help.

1) Cable storage

Nuisance number one: inextricable cable salads. The solution is close: all you need is some empty toilet paper rolls, 2 pieces of cardboard and a box where everything can be stowed away.

First disconnect the cables from each other and then put each individually neatly wrapped in a toilet paper roll. You place the rolls in the box on 2 opposite edges. So you do not fall over, you fix the rows each with a piece of cardboard. There should be some space left between the two cardboard discs. You can place the rest of your cables there, also rolled up neatly. Even more upcycling for the good old toilet paper roll follows.

6 helpful tricks for everyday life and household.

2) Store wrapping paper

It is customary to tape the piece of wrapping paper from the roll with tape to hold the remainder of the paper together. If you remove the tape but, as soon as you need new paper, you usually tear off a piece of paper. To prevent this, simply cut open an empty roll of toilet paper and clamp it around the wrapping paper for storage

6 helpful tricks for everyday life and household.

3) Fix the straw

You want to open a nice cool tin of lemonade, put a straw in it and … its bottom end does not sink down to the floor, but would rather go back to the surface of the drink. You can easily counteract this by turning the pull-tab a little way inwards after opening the can via the drinking opening. Only then you put the straw – through the tab – into the drink. She fixes the tube and you can enjoy your soda undisturbed.

6 helpful tricks for everyday life and household.

4) Space optimization in the microwave

How annoying, if you are really hungry and want to heat two bowls in the microwave at the same time, but do not fit the bowls next to each other. In addition, you only need one cup to quickly enjoy your meal. Just put one of the bowls on the upside down cup. So you use the place well and can heat both containers at the same time.

6 helpful tricks for everyday life and household.

5) Double hanger

Does your wardrobe not have enough space for all your hangers? Here can a beverage can help, more precisely: the pull tab of a beverage can. Remove it from the tin and put it on the hook of a hanger. So you can stack clothes to hang almost “down”.

6 helpful tricks for everyday life and household.

6) untangle the cable

This is not about neglected cable heaps, but about the strands, which are in daily use and lead eg from the computer at the desk to the socket. To bring order to the cable chaos, lead each cable through the bracket each one Foldback clip and then fasten them with the handles on the edge of the table.

6 helpful tricks for everyday life and household.

Hopefully, these tricks will give you some practical insights, saving you a little time and nerves every day. Have fun trying!

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