A guy wakes up in hell

A guy wakes up in hell and pulls his mouth a little. Satan passes by and challenges him:
Satan: “Hi you, why are you mouthing?”
The guy: “Well, firstly I’m DEATH and secondly I’m in hell is not enough to rejoice”
Satan: ” Well, you know, it’s not bad here down there … you smoke? “
The guy:” What a question, of course! “
Satan:” So you’ll love Mondays because all day long you smoke cigars, cigarettes, pipes … without having to worry about cancer … we are already dead!
The guy: “Oh yeah, not bad …
Satan:” You drink? “
The guy:” Of course …
Satan: “So you’ll love Tuesdays because all day we’re drinking booze, gout, beer … then we vomit and we continue drinking without worrying about cirrhosis … we’re already dead!”
The guy: “Ah, not bad the beginning of the week …”
Satan: “You eat?”
The guy: “Like a pig”
Satan: “So you’re going to feast on Wednesdays because all day long you fill up with fat, desserts, meat, .. without worrying about cholesterol … we do not care, we’re already dead! “
The guy:” Aaah, better and better … “
Satan:” Do you get drugs? “
The guy:” Regularly … “
Satan:” Then Thursdays is for you, we have everything here grass, powder, syringes,
The guy: “Yeah, great place, I did not think it was so cool in hell …”
Satan: “Are you homo?”
The guy: “No …”
Satan: “Uhuuuuu, then you’re not going to like Fridays …”